The number of corona infections is currently increasing rapidly. Government is already severely restricting the opportunities for social contacts – the second lock-down is in place.

Talking to employers, due to current changes, the tendency towards “home office” is constantly increasing, which is sometimes not in the interests of employees, as the job usually offers one of the few opportunities to maintain social contacts. Instead of solving the problem at its roots, most companies are currently implementing an “avoidance strategy”.

Companies are often not (enough) prepared for the situation in terms of process - in almost all companies “critical areas” exist, where the operation of which must be maintained under all circumstances in order not to endanger the existence of the company.

In addition: Since yesterday it is official: companies will have to take their part in responsibility and will have to offer a weekly test minimum for employees not working from home. 

Coaches, trainers and consultants run their businesses on customer contacts and currently have few opportunities to come into direct contact with customers.


–APPROVED.ZONES enable reduced but secure social contact with colleagues - under tested conditions. You can guarantee control as long as there is no pharmaceutical response to the pandemic (effective medication, vaccine). The working group compiles toolkits for approved zones in order to adapt and implement them to the companies. This includes not only the medical concepts, but also compliance and risk management. Different APPROVED.ZONES and APPROVED.ACCESS are possible depending on the security level and relevance of the employee.

We have worked with several companies already and fully understand processes and needs coming with the actual gouvernmental decision



Implementation of onsite COVID-19
fast testing for employees. 



simple, practical and safe documentation of testing results



organisational model to establish access to secured areas


APPROVE | Adapt – Protect – Overcome

Companies protect their employees and their critical business operations (especially when home office is not a permanent solution) by regularly checking and documenting the infection status in different areas and by keeping the risk of infection within narrow limits through access rules.


Companies have partly a few, but mostly no legal regulations or assistance with regards to dealing with Corona. Furthermoreevery company situation is different - be it in terms of the extent to which it is affected, the production risk due to less  or even no workers in production, the home office ability of  infrastructure and employees, the spatial / technical properties at home, and much more. Thus, the design and implementation of an active strategy to maintain critical business operations has priority, to avoid health and economic damage in lockdown-like situations. we create a platform for exchange and help in a crisis by



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for a negative Test-

and Vaccination Proof



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