The current numbers are shocking - the new legal situation requires 3G in most areas. The home office is mandatory. But home office is not possible in all areas. If the numbers continue to rise, the 2G or 2G + rules will even become active in many areas.
Due to the falling temperatures, the spread of the virus in closed rooms can hardly be avoided, and the tendency to be careless is also clearly recognizable.
Despite the current progress in vaccination, it is clear that good solutions are required in order to be able to implement the new legal regulations.

The current developments show one thing: The focus is no longer on cluster tracking but on cluster avoidance.

Companies, retailers and restaurants now have to adapt to the situation completely in terms of process - but still take into account the existing laws such as the Federal Data Protection Act. In addition, in almost all companies there are “critical areas”, the operation of which must be maintained under all circumstances in order not to endanger the company's existence. This is exactly where APROVE.ZONE is focussing on.


APPROVE.ZONE enables reduced but secure social contact with family, friends and colleagues - under documented status conditions (tested, vaccinated recovery). For example, an entire company can be secured through automated access controls, or events can be made possible. Among other things, APPROVE compiles toolkits in order to adapt and implement them to the companies. This includes not only the medical concepts, but also compliance and risk management. Various APPROVED.ZONES and APPROVED.ACCESS are possible depending on the security level and relevance of the employee. We also offer you a digital solution for proving the status of all statuses: vaccinated, tested, recovered.

We are already working with various companies and have developed and introduced concepts that meet the current requirements of the Prime Minister's Conference.



Implementation of onsite COVID-19
fast testing for employees. 



simple, practical and safe documentation of testing results



organisational model to establish access to secured areas


APPROVE | Adapt – Protect – Overcome

Companies protect their employees and their critical business operations (especially when home office is not a permanent solution) by regularly checking and documenting the infection status in different areas and by keeping the risk of infection within narrow limits through access rules.


The pseudonymized APPROVE.ZONE database can be linked to the company's own access system in order to be able to incorporate the 3G (or any other required regulation like 2G / 2G+)

 status in accordance with the federal data protection law to restrict access. Access is automatically restricted if there is no current 3G status.
Tests that are offered under supervision in the company can also be entered directly into the APPROVE.ZONE database. Employees can easily integrate their own rapid tests or the European vaccination certificate. The review is carried out by independent specialists and medical device consultants.


Companies have little help with dealing with Corona, but have to meet all legal requirements, even if these are sometimes so contradicting that there does not seem to be a perfect solution. Furthermore
every company situation is individual - be it with regard to the extent to which it is affected; Closures (gastronomy & retail), the production risk due to lost work, the home office ability of the infrastructure and employees, the spatial / technical conditions, and much more.
Thus, the design and implementation of an active strategy to maintain critical business operations has priority, to avoid health and economic damage in the current situation.
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